Abricosinus (Blond ale)

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Abricosinus - the apricot blond ale from SIMIN'S Craft Beer.

Apricots make this blond beer fruity and fresh and little of wheat malt adds nice dense head op top. 

Best SIMIN'S Craft Beer so far

Content: Water, Pilsner Malt, Dried Apricot, Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast, Apricot Brandy

ALC/VOL: 6.0%

Energy value (cal): 185 kcal


Rating: 5 stars
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Marc van Kleef
2 years ago

Put me on the waiting list for this promising beer

Johan Janssen
4 years ago

I've enjoyed an few bottles of the Abricosinus.
It is a very aromatic and tasteful beer.
And I liked it very much bravo.