Preparing the first 2021 batch...

New brewing system, new fermentors, new bottling line - everything is used for the first time for the first 2021 batch! The first beer in 2021 will be Apelsinus - a special Belgian wheat beer with a fresh soft orange character and some bright spicy notes of coriander. 

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New "Moon Stout" is available

The new beer in SIMIN'S CRAFT BEER collection: "Moon stout", sweet milk stout. If you like latte macchiato or milk chocolate with vanilla, you most probably will like "Moon Stout". Even if you don't like chocolate that much, you shall try "Moon Stout" anyhow - good body and mildness make it a great drink along your warm summer evening.

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New nano-brewery from Huisseling, the Netherlands with a strong passion to experiment with the new tastes and flavors in beer brewing.